As NEET is one of the most difficult undergraduate entrance exams to pass, aspirants must know the answer to this question in order to put forth their best effort in their NEET preparation. Many students are wondering whether NCERT is sufficient for NEET. To cut a long story short, yes, the majority of NEET questions come from NCERT. There are a lot of tricky questions but don’t worry, you’ll be able to score well if you read and learn properly.

Why are NCERT Books important for NEET?

Starting early with test preparation and selecting the most appropriate course material to study from are the first steps in passing NEET. There are many books on the market that claim to be useful for NEET 2020 preparation. A number of these publications, however, have subpar material and are unduly expensive. All of your efforts can be in vain if you choose the incorrect books.

(i) Practice Questions

The majority of NCERT books have a bank of questions that are the best resources for self-evaluations. These question banks primarily help because many NEET questions are typically taken directly from NCERT textbooks. Using these books you get an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam and can plan your answering techniques accordingly.

(ii) Exam Oriented Content

After reading the NCERT books, you should look at the question papers from the prior year. You may be shocked to see the parallels. If you have thoroughly read the NCERT books and NCERT Solutions, you should have no trouble answering the majority of the problems. Regarding NEET, it has been observed that the majority of questions in the Biology section are based on NCERT textbooks, while a small number are also direct questions.

(iii) Simple & Easy To Understand

NCERT books help you build a stronger knowledge base since they are written in clear, simple-to-understand language. In NCERT books, no complex vocabularies are employed. Additionally, the issues are provided succinctly to make the discussion’s topics relevant. Compared to reference books with over a thousand pages, revising an NCERT book is simpler.

(iv) Easily Available

NCERT books are much more affordable and accessible compared to reference books that are sold in bookstores. When you go to buy NCERT books, you won’t often hear “out of the market.” NCERT books are accessible all around the country and are simple to find.

(iv) Diagram Based Questions

NCERT’s Biology textbooks are diagram-based, which aids applicants in grasping everything included in the syllabus. Candidates are able to retain a lot of information after viewing these elaborate and instructive pictures while taking the test. Candidates should be aware that Biology is the most significant subject on the test because it has 90 questions, which is twice as many as any of the other sections. Candidates must therefore exercise the greatest caution as they study for this subject.

(v) Builds a Strong Base

To do well on competitive entrance tests like NEET, having a firm grasp of the fundamentals is crucial. The ideal study tools for pupils wishing to solidify their fundamental principles are NCERT books. Understanding the fundamentals will make studying for the NEET exam much simpler.

Tips On How To Read NCERTs For NEET Exam

  • Before even beginning to read the NCERTs, solve the NEET exam papers from the previous year. Keep underlining the key points in the NEET exam questions, including any key terms that are featured in the MCQs’ answer choices. After completing the previous year’s exams, you would know exactly how to read the NCERTs without skipping crucial themes or details.
  • In previous years, NTA has asked questions based on the NCERT textbooks line by line. Therefore, attentively read every word in the NCERT class 11 and 12 textbooks. Make sure you thoroughly read each paragraph in the NCERT textbook and don’t omit any important details.
  • To improve your understanding of the subjects, you should practise a significant number of questions from the NCERT or NEET question bank in addition to reading the NCERT textbooks.
  • For the theory component of the NEET syllabus, read solely the NCERT textbooks for Classes 11 and 12. They include physics, chemistry, and biology. Reading theory from different sources than NCERTs just causes confusion, and as exam time is approaching, candidates sometimes struggle with revision.
  • Prepare notes that will be useful during revision. Without good handwritten notes, candidates sometimes flip through numerous books and reread entire chapters as the exam draws closer. It squanders their valuable time and causes needless fear, which has an adverse effect on their mental health just before the exam.
  • Before taking the NEET exam, try to draw and label as many of the diagrams in the Class 11 and 12 NCERT textbooks as you can. This aids in the NEET exam’s diagram-based question solving process as well as your ability to conceptualize concepts visually and retain them for a longer amount of time.
  • Revision is important for learning, so keep going over the material sometimes. Keep numerous revision schedules in your NEET study plan for each topic you study from NCERT textbooks because revising only once is never enough.
  • Regularly taking NEET practice exams can help you become accustomed to the examination interface. Additionally, it helps you create the habit of answering the most right questions you can while under extreme exam pressure, which can occasionally have a negative impact on exam candidates’ performance.

Additional NEET Preparation Books

Universal Books specializes in books for competitive exams like NEET. They are the Largest Selling objective Books in India for Medical Exams. Their NEET preparation books are prepared by top professionals and top students, and they are offered in both English and Hindi.

The Universal Books Series covers all components of mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology. The Errorless books give a clean rationalization of the thoughts and questions crafted with the aid of using illustrious authors in addition to all of the previous exams, facilitating conceptual understanding and in-intensity problem-fixing practice.

Best Biology Books for NEET

  • Smart Errorless Biology NEET 2023 – NCERT Based (Vol 1 & 2) – India’s Smartest Test Prep Book
  • 1000 Most Critical Questions Biology – MCQs For NEET & CBSE Boards
  • Errorless Biology NEET 2022 – Volume 1 & 2
  • Errorless Biology Crash Course NEET

Best Physics Books for NEET

  • Smart Errorless Physics NEET 2023 – NCERT Based (Vol 1 & 2) – India’s Smartest Test Prep Book
  • 1000 Most Critical Questions Physics – MCQs For NEET & CBSE
  • Errorless Physics NEET 2022 – Volumes 1 & 2
  • Errorless Physics Crash Course NEET

Best Chemistry Books for NEET

  • Smart Errorless Chemistry NEET 2023 – NCERT Based (Vol 1 & 2) – India’s Smartest Test Prep Book
  • 1000 Most Critical Questions Chemistry – MCQs For NEET & CBSE Boards
  • Errorless Chemistry NEET 2022 – Volume 1 & 2
  • Errorless Chemistry Crash Course NEET