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Errorless Books 2020 in Hindi and English. This year we have published the best revised and updated books for Engineering and Medical Exams Preparations with concise theory, 10,000+ challenging questions divided topic-wise along with 20 years of past exam papers including 2019 paper and a new online free application for giving unlimited tests. 

Ignite Study Material, a branded solution for institutions who wish to build their brand and reputation in their city. Our products include a 2-year classroom pack for NEET & JEE, each subject comes in 12 Booklets that cover the full 11th and 12th syllabus. There are 5000+ questions, with a separate previous year questions section with year. We also provide DPP of each subject with 75 topics, Questions Bank with 1000 most critical questions, and Formula Book for marketing purposes.  All of these products include free branding of your institution. 

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To Download Online Sample Chapters for 2 Year Program, DPP and Formula Book, Please Click The Link —-> Here.


 If you are interested in authoring science books for IIT & NEET level, building credibility, and progressing in your career, in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Bengali. Please send us an email at hr@universalbook.in