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Universal Books provides complete classroom curriculum learning solutions to schools, coaching, teaching institutes, and e-learning enterprises. We understand the importance of creating a lasting impression and fostering academic excellence. That’s why we specialize in providing tailor-made, white-labeled books designed to enhance your institute’s results, branding, and reputation. From ✓ Study Notes,✓ DPP Assignments (Topicwise, Chapterwise, Levelwise),✓ School Topicwise Worksheets,✓ PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs), ✓ Topicwise Past Year Questions, ✓ Question Banks, and✓ Test Series for NEET, JEE (Main and Advanced), CBSE, and Foundation exams.

Our Content is designed by experienced educators and subject matter experts, who have a deep understanding of the latest curriculum and exam patterns. Our team is dedicated to providing you and your students with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date study materials that will catapult you to new and higher goals.

Everything you need to empower your teachers & help your students excel in your exams!

❌  NO MORE ❌
● Investing 100+ hours Designing, and Revising Content.
● Losing Students to More Popular Coaching.
● Spending Money on Poor Quality Content or Photocopy.
● Losing Teaching, Testing & Doubt-clearing time.
● Fall behind Your Competition.

● Building, Growing & Expanding Your Brand
● Impressing Parents & Students with your Content
● Saving Money & Efforts with Highest Quality Content
● Focusing on Teaching Plans, Doubt-clearing with Students
● Getting Ahead of Your Competition

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Why invest in Branded Study Material?

Customized Branding

We understand that your institute has its unique identity. Our books can be seamlessly integrated with your logo, colors, and design, ensuring a consistent and professional look that leaves a lasting impression on students and parents.

Cost, Time, and Effort Savings

Our white-labeled books are not just about aesthetics. We provide a turnkey solution that saves your teachers valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on what they do best – teaching and engaging with students. Moreover despite the personalized touch, our white-labeled books remain cost-effective. You get top-notch materials without breaking the bank.

 Enhanced Reputation

Investing in high-quality, customized books demonstrates your commitment to excellence. This, in turn, boosts your institute’s reputation and credibility in the competitive educational landscape. See an increase in admissions and excitement in students.

Engaging Uniform Content

Our team of experienced educators and writers ensures that the content is not only aligned with NCERT, NTA, JAB, and SSC curriculum but is also engaging and effective in delivering the knowledge your students need. Your teachers and students will not have to worry about the ever-changing patterns and syllabus.

Our Products

Cover Designing

Your Cover Design can include —-> Your Coaching Institute Details, Topper’s Names and Ranks,  Directors’ Photo and Messages, Details and Photos of Teachers, Awards,  Information of Branches, and Mobile Application QR Code.

Branded Products

Branded Books

NEET & JEE Classroom Study Modules

Pre-Foundational Classroom Study Modules

DPP (Daily practice problems)

 Crash Course

Testpapers Online & Offline

Question Banks

Past Year Solved Topicwise Questions

Class 6,7,8,9,10 Worksheet

Other Branded Products

Printed t-shirt

Printed Coaching bag



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