Book Summary

Universal Books Series are a comprehensive book for Mathematics and Chemistry, which provide an inclusive coverage of the subject as per the guidelines of the NEET and JEE Main and Advanced. The book offers a good explanation of concepts and questions designed by esteemed authors and all the previous exams, thus facilitating conceptual understanding and an exhaustive practice to solve problems. The book is published in both English and Hindi to help aspirants hailing from both backgrounds. Books are based on NCERT pattern and are the best guide to ace competitive exams.
Each year a new addition is published with newer questions, explanations and updated content.


Best Competitive Comprehensive Book to ace Engineering and Medical Competitive Exams

100% Solved with Explanations and Numerous Short Tricks

Authored and Recommended by Renowned Teachers and Toppers

Completely Errorless and Comprehensive

Exhaustive NCERT Theory with Sub-chapter wise Division

Solved Papers of Last 20 Years of All the Entrance Exams of India

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