Errorless Physics Crash Course For JEE Exam

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  • Based strictly on NTA Guidelines
  • ALL-IN-ONE Book for JEE Main Crash Cours Prep
  • 10 Champion Mock Tests & Ebook included
  • Critical Questions with Solutions
  • Comprehensive & Concise Theory for Revision
  • JEE Prep Book for Maximum Score & Maximum Practice

Vol1.0. Basic Mathematics and Vectors
1. Units, Dimensions and Measurement
2. Motion in One Dimension
3. Motion in Two Dimension
4. Newton’s Laws of Motion
5. Friction
6. Work, Energy, Power and Collision
7. Rotational Motion
8. Gravitation
9. Elasticity
10. Surface Tension
11. Fluid Mechanics
12. Thermometry, Thermal Expansion and Calorimetry
13. Kinetic Theory of Gases
14. Thermodynamics
15. Transmission of Heat
16. Simple Harmonic Motion
17. Waves and Sound

18. Electrostatics
19. Current Electricity
20. Magnetic Effect of Current
21. Magnetism
22. Electromagnetic Induction
23. Alternating Current
24. Electron, Photon, Photo-electric Effect and X-Rays
25. Atomic and Nuclear Physics
26. Electronics
27. Ray Optics
28. Wave Optics


Errorless Physics Crash Course JEE is an all-in-one crash preparation guide to crack JEE Main Exam and the best book for jee preparation. The universal book consists of a concise and comprehensive theory, critical questions for practice, and 10 full syllabus mock tests to make your exam ready. The errorless physics book is based on strict guidelines and syllabus defined by NTA and is the preferred choice of toppers and teachers.

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